Traditional PAYO Solution


This solution is good for any insured wanting a workers' comp "cash flow" payment option. Traditional PAYO brings unique benefits to the insured and our agents.

For more information please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Underwriter.


How Does It Work?

Automated solution – through local agent and local payroll company. No upfront money needed to bind coverage. AmTrust EFT form may be needed based on the selected payroll company.

To take advantage of our Traditional PAYO solution, an AmTrust approved payroll company required.  AmTrust provides net rates by class code and state to the payroll company.  The net rate includes all factors affecting the rate, such as base rate, experience mod, credits, debits, TRIA and the expense constant.  Net rates are system generated and emailed directly to the payroll company upon issuance of the policy.  The insured processes payroll as usual, through the payroll company.  The payroll company calculates the premium owed each pay period based on actual payroll reported.  The payroll company either collects and remits the reports and premium to AmTrust via ACH, or remits the reports only, and AmTrust EFT’s the insured’s account based on the payroll company’s report.  AmTrust Approved Payroll Partner lists are available by region.
To see if a payroll company is a good fit for AmTrust PAYO, please provide the following information:
  • Name of the payroll company
  • City and state
  • Key contact at the payroll company with email and phone number
  • Website for the payroll company if they have one
  • Name of the PAYO account you are looking to bind  

Approval timeframe will vary based on the payroll company’s software, their decision to report using either our class code or employee level reporting option and their general responsiveness to our inquiry. 

  • No AmTrust payment processing fees.  
  • Payment processing fees vary by payroll company.

Send new payroll company information to: or