PAYO Self Reporting (PSR) Solution


This solution is good for any insured wanting a workers' comp "cash flow" payment option. PSR brings unique benefits to the insured and our agents. 

For more information, please contact your Regional Sales Manager or Underwriter.

How Does It Work?

With this AmTrust PAYO solution, the insured self-reports payroll via AmTrust Online and initiates payments drated from their bank account via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). $200 premium bearing deposit is required (applied fo first year's final audit and not required at renewal).

Online process is all done by the insured. No EFT form or depsoit to collect by Agent or Underwriter. No outside payroll company is required. It works well for insureds using a national payroll company, a non-approved payroll company, CPA, Intuit/QuickBooks or another payroll software package. 

To quote PSR, you will need the following: 

  • It is mandatory to provide the email address of the insurance decision maker - (Key Contact Person)
  • Insured's current method of doing payroll
  • Insured's desired payment frequency (weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly)

The insured will have the ability to change their desired payment frequency online before making their $200 deposit. NOTE: Any payment frequency change requested after the $200 deposit is paid, will be done through an endorsement via    

Upon binding, the insured will receive a welcome email with registration instructions to the AmTrust Online
system. Here is where they will create their personal user name ID and password. Please note if the
insured already has a login for another AmTrust policy, they must use the existing login to access their PSR policy. 

PSR Set Up and Premium Payments 

To complete the set-up, the insured must log in to check their payment frequency, and change it if needed. Next they must register their EFT form and make their $200 deposit. 
To make subsequent online premium payments, the insured manually enters gross payroll by class code (and state if applicable).  

  • The net rate for each class code will be provided
    • The net rate includes all factors affecting the rate, such as base rate, experience mod, credits, debits, TRIA and the expense constant
  • Insured can use their work comp summary report provide by payroll company or software package for easy entry

The insured then clicks the “Make Payment Button” to initiate the payment.  All premium payments will be drafted directly from the insured’s desired bank account via EFT.
For PSR payment questions - please contact 855.829.1948 or

No AmTrust payment processing fees.