AmTrust PAYO (Pay-As-You-Owe)

Workers' compensation premium is based on payroll, so to make payments as seamless as possible, we offer the PAYO payment solution. PAYO works with approved payroll companies to calculate premium payment on what is owed each pay period. The payroll company will issue monthly reports and premiums directly to AmTrust.
  • PAYO for Agents

    Find out how PAYO provides your insured the the cash flow payment solution they are looking for. PAYO will also assist you in facing the challenges of growing your book of business.

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  • PAYO for Insureds

    AmTrust PAYO provides you with a seamless Pay-As-You-Owe workers' compensation insurance premium payment solution. This frees you up to do what you do best - run your business.

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  • PAYO for Payroll Companies

    PAYO is a seamless workers' compensation insurance premium payment solution that will help you protect your client base and compete against the national payroll agencies & PEOs for new business.

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  • Three PAYO Payment Plans

    We now have three great solutions for any insured wanting a workers' comp "cash flow" payment solution. All three PAYO solutions bring unique benefits to insureds and our agents.

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