Nonprofit Insurance

Through our acquisition of First Nonprofit Group, AmTrust offers a variety of insurance coverages and financial services specifically for nonprofit and governmental employers.

We deliver an unbeatable combination of solid insurance coverage, stable pricing and exceptional service to both insureds and agents. No other insurance carrier brings the dedication and experience we have to nonprofit organizations.

We cover more than 300,000 employees at nonprofit organizations nationwide through our property, general and professional liability, automotive, umbrella, workers’ compensation and D&O coverages.

We also offer financial services and consulting, administration of group programs, risk management and state unemployment insurance (SUI). Our special SUI program options include both individual and group program alternatives for nonprofit and governmental employers.

Submission Requirements

  • All pertinent ACORD and supplemental applications, we also accept other carriers' applications
  • Audited year-end financial statement (or Form 990 if the organization does not have a year-end statement)
  • Brochures, promotional materials describing programs and services offered and copies of all relevant contracts
  • Loss history for the last  five years
  • Schedule of drivers and vehicles, including VINs and seating capacity

To learn more about what documents are needed for SUI submissions, please click here to open a listing by state.

Insurance Coverage and Services

  • Property & Liability
  • Businessowners Policy (BOP)
  • Auto
  • Umbrella
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • D&O
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Financial Consulting
  • Third Party Administration and Claims Management

Nonprofit Insurance Product Specialty

  • Primary Liability Insurance – Standard limits are $1 million per occurrence for general liability, $1 million per occurrence for sex abuse, $1 million per occurrence for social work, $1 million per occurrence for medical, $3 million policy aggregate
  • Umbrella Policy – Limits up to $10 million above primary liability *
  • Sexual Abuse Liability
  • Social Work, Foster Care and Counseling Liability
  • Incidental and Vicarious Medical Liability
  • Special Event Liability – Standard limit is $1 million with higher limits available
  • Our new comprehensive D&O/EPL/Fiduciary and Network Security and Privacy Liability coverage is available in most states
* Defense outside the limit of liability

Preferred & Excluded Classes

Preferred Nonprofit Organizations
  • Arts & Culture – Cultural and ethnic awareness groups, performing arts schools, art education, theatre, singing and choral groups
  • Group Housing – Housing for the mentally and developmentally disabled, homeless shelters, transitional housing and family violence shelters
  • Youth Services – Boys & Girls Clubs, Girl Scouts, youth development programs, youth centers and community service clubs
  • Human Services – Family services, child day care, YWCAs, emergency services, senior centers and hospices
  • Education – Preschools, charter schools and private elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools
  • Mental Health/Crisis Intervention – Outpatient or residential counseling for disorders and addictions including treatment and rehabilitation
  • Food and Nutrition – Food banks, food pantries, Meals on Wheels, congregate meals and nutrition programs
  • Recreation – Parks, recreational camps, clubs and parks, Special Olympics and community recreation centers
  • Religious Organizations and Institutions
Ineligible Nonprofit Organizations
  • Nursing Homes – Skilled or intermediate
  • Social Organizations – American Legions or VFW Halls
  • Medical services – hospitals, laboratories or pharmacies
  • Adult sexual offenders or fire starters
  • Abortion clinics

State Unemployment Insurance

All employers are required to pay for SUI. For-profit employers have only one option to cover their SUI obligations: Pay a tax into the State Unemployment Fund.

501c3 nonprofits and governmental employers can opt to self-insure, also known as reimbursing, and not pay via the tax method. But self-insuring can be risky and challenging to manage.

We provide alternative funding and risk management programs designed uniquely for 501c3 and governmental employers to maximize savings and eliminate the difficulty of self-insuring. By making this switch, nonprofits can save as much as 40% on their annual unemployment costs.

These programs all include fixed annual costs, budgetary certainty, insurance protection and professional claims administration.

Eligible Nonprofit Organizations

Currently, more than 1,800 nonprofit and governmental entities currently participate in our program, covering more than 415,000 employees.

  • Social service organizations
    • Child and family services
    • YMCAs & YWCAs/Boys & Girls Clubs
      • Goodwill Industries
      • Community action agencies
      • ARCs
      • Domestic violence and homeless shelters
      • Assisted living centers
      • Vocational guidance and training centers
  • Educational service organizations
    • Charter and private schools
    • Colleges and universities
  • Charitable foundations
  • Healthcare agencies and hospitals
  • Mental health and behavioral services
  • Religious charities and service organizations
  • Native American Indian tribal organizations and casinos
  • Governmental sector entities
    • Cities and counties
    • Towns, townships and villages
    • Public school districts and education service districts
    • General improvements or police/fire protection districts

Nonprofit Insurance Program Options

  • Bonded Service Program: Risk free, first and last-dollar coverage
  • Unemployment Savings Program: Proprietary interest-bearing reserve, with claims administration and stop-loss insurance
  • Excess Loss Insurance: “Working Excess Coverage” fits level of risk retention that works best for the organization
  • Surety Bonds: Required in many states for “reimbursing” employers
  • Group Program Management: Program design, consultation and administration for nonprofit and public sector associations or affiliated entities

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Available to organizations in all 50 states
  • 501c3 nonprofits
  • Governmental employers
  • At least 10 employees


To apply for any of our nonprofit insurance lines of coverage, please download and complete the appropriate application listed below and email or fax to 312.930.0375. If you have any questions, please call the phone number posted on the application. We look forward to working with you.

Management Liability Applications

Program Management Services

In these uncertain economic times, financial stability is hard to achieve – especially for nonprofit organizations. Through our subsidiary, First Nonprofit Group, AmTrust offers a full array of financial management, accounting and consulting services to help you meet your financial goals, improve overall performance and reduce your costs.

Our team of experts provides functional expertise and experience specific to the nonprofit sector, enabling us to work in collaboration with you and your management team. We are available to support you on a project or retainer basis.

Financial and Operational Consulting Services

Our experienced team of experts will partner with a nonprofit’s board of directors, executive director or management team to achieve the following.

Provide Temporary CFO And/Or Finance Department Staff
  • Offer comprehensive solutions for your nonprofit’s finance and accounting needs during transitional periods or special projects
  • Assess departmental needs or provide continuing financial and accounting services
Advance Their Financial Capability
  • Reviewing the effectiveness of a nonprofit’s financial statements
  • Developing timely, useable financial data that requires a nonprofit to react more quickly to budgetary changes and variances
  • Assessing the efficiency of a nonprofit’s accounting systems and related applications, including general ledger interfaces with:
    • accounts receivable
    • pledge receivables
    • accounts payable
    • payroll
    • human resources and benefits
Improve Their Competency And Practice
  • Coordinate a complete evaluation of a nonprofit’s mission, vision and value statements
  • Conduct a comprehensive board of trustee assessment
Prepare A Comprehensive Plan
  • Meet future service and funding requirements
  • Perform a comprehensive SWOT analysis
  • Provide complete strategic planning and tactical policy that is responsive to changes in client population, legislation and funding
Improve Fundraising And Control Funding Sources
  • Evaluating current fundraising efforts
  • Cultivating comprehensive and long-term fundraising strategies
  • Developing fraud-deterrence strategies and employing fraud prevention audits

TPA and Claims Management 

We also offer integrated claims management and third party administration for self-insurance programs. Our team provides all the essential back-office services needed to run an effective self-insured program.

  • Claims Management
  • Underwriting
  • Billing
  • Safety coordination
  • Training
  • Loss control