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Insurance for Restaurants  

We've got the perfect recipe for restaurant business insurance. This video takes a look at AmTrust's restaurant insurance offering and
how we can cook something up together.

Loss Control for Restaurants

Restaurant business insurance isn't all we offer, our Loss Control and risk analysis assistance is a great perk too.


Pay-As-You-Owe® (PAYO®)

AmTrust PAYO®, our solution for Workers' Compensation Payments - Agents

PAYO Agents

Find out how our PAYO® (Pay-As-You-Owe) solution can help you roll out the red carpet for new business and enhance the service your current insureds receive for making their workers' compensation payments.

AmTrust PAYO® our solution for Workers' Compensation Payments - Insureds

Find out how our PAYO® (Pay-As-You-Owe) solution can assist you in making workers' compensation insurance premium payments and improve your cash flow.



Unemployment Savings Program

Our Unemployment Savings Program can help take away the guesswork for nonprofit and government organizations when paying state unemployment taxes.

SUI Alternative Funding

Did you know there might be a different way to pay State Unemployment Insurance? We can help your nonprofit and government organizations decide how to best handle the payments for State Unemployment Insurance.


Bonded Service Program

Our Bonded Service Program offering is an alternative designed for nonprofit employers paying at least $25K
in State Unemployment Insurance taxes, or those that
have an existing self-insured program.

Workers' Compensation and BOP Insurance

Did you know we offer Workers' Compensation and Businessowners Policy (BOP) insurance for nonprofit organizations? This video provides all the details.