Disability Insurance


AmTrust understands that employers want excellent service from the application process to plan set up and ongoing administration. In keeping with this philosophy, AmTrust offers access to many online reporting tools, giving policyholders/employers access to real time important information they need to manage their policies and employees on disability.

Whenever needed, the information is there for you. By registering and logging into our secure AmTrust Online policy information portal, www.amtrustnorthamerica.com, policy information can be viewed and obtained, and various Claims Reports and/or a FICA tax withholdings reports can be run at any time, for any time period.

Policy Information

  • Policy status and endorsement history
  • Agent information
  • Obtain a Policy Change request form or a copy of the Insurance Regulation 168 form
  • View and print endorsement PDF
  • View policy installments and receivables
  • Complete and print the New York DB120.1 Certificates of Compliance forms and DB120 posters
  • Print DB-450 Notice and Proof of Disability Benefits Law Claim form for employee.
  • For Policy Administration contact: Contact:  dbcustomerservice@amtrustgroup.com

Claims Reporting and Processing

Claims Summary and Detail reporting provides employers with key information pertaining to employees on disability. This information aids employers in managing and coordinating benefits, additional coverage that may apply, and absence management details.
  • Claim turnaround timeline is within 4 business days
  • Each account has a dedicated examiner
  • Claims information is accessible to employers online, in real time
  • Claims Summary reporting provides loss history and detail for past 18 months on all open and closed claims
  • Claim Detail reporting provides drill down information on each claim including: adjuster contact details, loss information, claim status, start and end date, payments and claimant information 

Filing a Claim

Completed claim forms for NY and NJ sent to:

Wesco Insurance Company
PO Box 980, Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274 OR
FAX: (800) 584-9303 OR
Email:  DBClaims@amtrustgroup.com

Questions: 800.535.2710

FICA Summary Reporting

FICA Summary reporting provides a listing of each employee on disability that has received claim payments from AmTrust. This information is important in ensuring withholding processing and accuracy, and in preparing year-end W2s for employees.
  •  Breaks down each payment by its taxable percentage and shows taxable amount, Social Security, Medicare and Federal withholdings for each claim check as well as a claim total.

Policyholder Registration for AmTrust Online

Log on to: https://ao.amtrustgroup.com
Click on “Register” located in the bottom line under login button