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AmTrust NY Paid Family Leave

Effective January 1, 2018 New York joins California, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Washington DC in mandating Paid Family Leave (PFL) for private sector workers to respond to real concerns around managing a work-life balance.

“Family leave allows you to be there and that is where you should be, that is more important than work. You can be a care giver or just a hand holder, but you should be there.” - NY Governor Andrew M Cuomo

As a leader in providing NY statutory benefits, AmTrust is dedicated to preparing our agent partners, policyholders, and their employees to simply and effectively implement the 2018 NY Paid Family Leave benefits.

While regulations surrounding this groundbreaking legislation are still in the works, we want to give you a head-start in understanding law’s provisions and impact so you can be well prepared.
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General Information

What is New York Paid Family Leave (PFL)?
The PFL benefit is scheduled to start January 1st 2018 at 8 weeks and will increase in subsequent years until 2020 when it will reach 12 weeks.  PFL will mandate up to 12 weeks of job-protected paid leave to address family related issues including:
  1. Bonding with a newborn, adopted or foster care child during the first 12 months after birth or placement
  2. Caring for a seriously ill family member
  3. Addressing important needs related to a family member’s military service

What’s the benefit?
The combined maximum DBL and Paid Family Leave benefit is 26 weeks during 52 consecutive calendar weeks.
If an employee has concurrent employment and claims PFL from both employers, the employee’s combined benefit may not exceed the maximum PFL benefit.   

In any 52-week calendar period:

Effective Date / Weeks of PFL*                    Maximum  Weekly Benefit**
Jan. 1, 2018 / up to 8 weeks 50% of employee AWW not to exceed 50% of the State AWW
Jan. 1, 2019 / up to 10 weeks 55% of employee AWW not to exceed 55% of the State AWW
Jan. 1, 2020 / up to 10 weeks 60% of employee AWW not to exceed 60% of the State AWW
Jan. 1 each succeeding year / up to 12 weeks   67% of employee AWW not to exceed 67% of the State AWW

The minimum benefit is $100, or actual salary if less. 

*The New York Superintendent of Financial Services has the authority to delay any of these increases.
** AWW is average weekly wage, the 2015 statewide AWW is $1296.46