Small Business Cyber Solutions

Often the largest companies and governments build great defenses against today’s modern day cyber risks & threats of data breach. Small businesses can take several steps to prepare for the impact of these data-driven crimes. We provide solutions specifically designed to support small businesses as they face this issue. 

Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber liability insurance covers cyber related liability, breach remediation and imposed fines and/or penalties, including:
  • First party breach response coverage
  • Third party cyber liability coverage

Submission Requirements

  • No application process for limits $100,000 or below
  • Limits up to $1 million available with a completed application
  • Submit coverage requests to your underwriter 

Available Options

  • BOP or CPP endorsement
  • Standalone coverage with workers’ compensation policies
  • Financial Institution Network Security Privacy Liability Coverage
  • Non Profit Network Security Privacy Liability Coverage

Business Identity Management

Business Identity Management can help small businesses assess their level of data breach preparedness, monitor their business identity and credit data, and help them understand how to respond to a data breach, should it occur to their business. Services include: 
  • Breach Preparedness web portal provides data breach resources to help inform businesses about the risks and provide action steps to prevent them
  • Discounted Employee Background Check Package
  • Business Credential Monitoring and alerts available online or via email
  • Business Cyber Monitoring and alerts available online or via email
  • Business Owner Identity Theft Protection
  • Customized breach response plan and execution assistance
  • Network Security and Privacy Liability Coverage provides reimbursement of up to $100,000 in breach mitigation expenses and defense costs

Submission Requirements

  • This Program is available only to Businesses with one-hundred and fifty (150) or fewer employees
  • No application required for $50,000 and $100,000 limit options
  • Completion of Risk Assessment required for activation of cyber liability coverage